The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

ABOUT US: Welcome to The Wanderer

A different approach to hospitality and gastronomy.

The 5 course Tasting Menu, a culinary journey, showcases home-grown ingredients and highlights unique seasonal products from Madeira island. In a modern and creative way.
Hand-picked ingredients, some foraged in the wild, and masterfully combined. Using new-age cooking techniques, and culinary influences gathered from years of wandering around the World.

Pre-dinner reception & five course dinner - 125€ per guest.
Including: Welcome drinks, appetizers, 5 course dinner with matching beverages, bread, butter and water.
Welcome Drink at 7.30 PM - Dinner at 8.00 PM - Reservation required.
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The experience we offer is not one of a conventional restaurant.

We look to share a memorable moment with the guests we welcome into our place. Conviviality is at the heart of the evening. Illustrated by the One large dining table, around which all guests are seated.

This dining style, nowadays rather unusual for restaurants, was once a custom in the hospitality industry. And it is still a norm for most families dinners, official dinners and banquets. An evening where guests can interact while sharing the discovery of the menu dishes.

To focus on the experience, we have a restricted number of seats only. Another reason for this limited capacity is that we forage some of our ingredients wild, in the forests and hills of Madeira. Therefore their availability is limited and we only take smaller quantities, for sustainable foraging.

Signature ''The Wanderer''