Roots in the ground and head in the clouds

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Culinary Journey

A central part of the experience at The Wanderer revolves around the Culinary Journey: a convivial discovery of tastes, flavors, colors and textures. A symphony of dishes, piloted and explained by the Chef and his team. Throughout the various creations on the Discovery Menu.

With culinary influences stretching over several continents and englobing multiple cultures. Crossing the boundaries between ancient and modern in a playful manner. A shared celebration of hospitality and gastronomy among wanderers and gourmets.

Discovery Menu

The 5 course Discovery Menu showcases home-grown ingredients and highlights unique seasonal products from Madeira island, in a modern and creative way.

Hand-picked, some foraged in the wild, and masterfully combined.

Using new-age cooking techniques and culinary influences gathered from years of wandering around the World.


We take great pride in sourcing the ingredients and suppliers we work with.
When selecting ingredients for our menu, we have a 3 simple rules we stand by:

Nature is our Garden:

We gather what we can from the wild: herbs, flowers, leaves, berries... Foraging is the name of the game.

Thanks to the relief and orography of Madeira, there are multiple microclimates in the different zones of the island. This is why this place is such a blessing for a Chef.

And why The Wanderer came to Madeira at the first place: Where else can tropical fruit, European fruits and Mediterranean fruits be grown in the same place?

Respect the Land:

We work with suppliers who practice low intensity farming, organic productions and artisanal ressources-harvesting.

We use what the land produces, when it produces it. Without rushing it, or being obsessed with products yield, calibration or retailer’s minimum shelf life requirements.

When we forage ingredients in the wild we practice sustainable foraging. Making sure never to overharvest a ressource, so it may keep developing.

Our menu changes frequently, to always showcase what the nature has to offer in season.

Locavore is our Luxury:

We do not believe in a lifestyle which relies heavily on having ingredients, specially animal proteins, flown-in from the other side of the world.

This is not sustainable, and not our vision of luxury. We aim to entertain guests with a different experience from one they could have at any restaurant back home.

Our focus is on harvesting and showcasing top quality ingredients, sometimes unexpected, produced by this beautiful island.

This is our vision of luxury. Most of our meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, herbs, seaweeds and flowers are produced locally, sustainably, fresh and in season.