They trusted us and shared our vision

Benjamin BEGIN

Photography & Web

Benjamin is a Frenchman who has been living on Madeira for over 10 years now. Jack of all trades, he is an artist, photographer, digital marketer, webmaster and, last but not least, a surfer.

Benjamin was one of the first persons I met when arriving to Madeira, through a common friend (aka the first person I met when arriving to Madeira). And like the saying goes “Your Vibe attracts Your Tribe”, Benjamin immediately connected with The Wanderer project and has been among our greatest supports eversince. He set-up the website you are browsing right now, and took the pictures featured on this website.


Apple Cider Vinegar

The encounter with Hannibal was rather unusual, as magical encounters can be. While looking for local products that were truly artisanal we came across his offer of Apple Cider Vinegar… through Facebook marketplace…

The enchantment took place when we discovered Hannibal’s Kingdom: a modern day garden of eden. Where he grows multiple varieties of apples, together with oranges, lemons and passion fruits. Everything is grown wild and organic. From these apples, Hannibal makes cider, and also our apple cider vinegar.



Eleuterio is the Chef of one of Madeira’s iconic restaurants. At the Design Centre Nini Andrade Silva. Together with his wife Cristina they are the producers of Madeira’s finest microgreens and edible flowers.

Upon meeting with Eleuterio the first time at his microgreens shop one thing was clear: we share the same passion for plants and flowers. For the color and flavor palettes they can bring to our dishes.



Ricardo is originally from Madeira. After having lived in various foreign countries, such as India or Kenya, Ricardo felt he missed his island. He missed it so much that he would come back and care for it. For its land, its soil and vegetation.

He purchased an unoccupied piece of land, on a hill overviewing the ocean, and started his project. A low intensity organic farming, from there we are now able to get strawberries, mini cauliflowers, kiwis, and other seasonal ingredients.

Diana Silva


Diana is a Madeira native. She graduated with a degree in
marketing and tourism in mainland Portugal. Worked in the marketing and sales departments of major Portuguese wine producers, and then decided she wanted to come back to her island. To start her own wine production.

Diana doesn’t do things like everyone else... She decided she would use the most common grape variety of this island: the tinta negra; and elevate it to a new height. At a time where most producers here believed this grape was only good to make Madeira wine.

Since then her wines have received international attention. Especially her ‘Blanc de Noirs’, a white wine made from red grapes. The only one in Madeira.

Making Diana one of the best examples of this new generation of brilliant local craftsmanship emerging from Madeira.


Honey, hydromel, polen, beeswax

We first met Luis, and his “Associação de Apicultores da Madeira e Porto Santo” (Madeira and Porto Santo association of beekeepers) at a medieval market celebrating the 600th years of Portuguese occupation of the island.

I was immediately interested about their hydromel. Not only was it delicious, but also being able to make hydromel meant tLuis mastered 2 skills I was looking to find in Madeira: making honey, and making fermentation.

Since then we have met at several occasions, and always have a great time. This happens when passionate people meet and connect. Through AAMPS we are able to get local made honey, bee pollen and beeswax. And through our collaboration with Luis we are developing exclusive (fermented) drinks for our guests...


Golden Rainbow Trouts, Trout caviar

The meeting with Fabio was the happy conclusion of an unexpected chain of events. We had wandered to the island’s cold river (ribeiro frio), hoping we would be able to source some of the trouts showcased in breeding ponds there. Only to find-out that these trouts where not for sale, as they were intended for conservation. Being bred, raised and then released in the wild.

Coincidentally the person responsible of the conservation program happened to be present at the same time, and could give us the contact of a lady who could sell some to us.
And so we went. Pushing our wandering further, and heading for the hillsides... on the other end of the island.

As we arrived late (after getting lost a couple times) the lady had to leave, and so we would be meeting with her son Fabio. After hearing about our project his first words where “I may have something of interest to you”. As he was bringing us towards a specific pond of his farm. What he was about to show was a total discovery to us. But it was clear we shared some common ground here.

And then we saw them: Golden rainbow trouts! A fish of an extraordinary yellow color, and a deliciously delicate flesh. We had to take a couple back home to try. And once we tried them we knew we had to have them on our menu, for you to discover.